Episode #103 – Mitch Lapides on The Email Marketing Trends for 2015 & More (Gain An Insider’s Edge)

Ever wonder how a fortune 500 company does email? Wonder no more, We got Mitch Lapides on the show. Mitch founded Fulcrum Tech 10 years ago, Back then they were building the very first shopping carts, analytics set ups, and more from scratch. Today Mitch and Fulcrum still go strong servicing email for big enterprises. While often it’s a freelancer or copywriter featured on … Continue reading

Episode #100 – Ian Stanley Interviews Me on The McMethod Podcast’s Journey of 100 Episodes (discover the mindset & lessons I learned along the way)

A couple years ago Ian was living at his parents house trying to make his first dollars online. Today Ian is not only successful, He’s shot himself up the copywriter rankings and is kind of a big deal now. Because of Ian’s success, and the fact that he’s got an email marketing course out right now, He’s the perfect … Continue reading

Sift, Sort, And Screen Your Way To Marketing Success

Is marketing an art or a science? With the rise of data-driven marketing, it seems like the answer is a little bit of both. Innovative companies, in almost every industry, are mixing smart marketing with even smarter strategy… And the results are nothing short of impressive. Today we’re looking at two businesses in “boring” markets… … Continue reading