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Is Your Marketing Missing The Gridiron Sales Secrets Of History's Greatest Copywriter?

From The Desk Of Austin Lee

From: San Diego, CA

Dear Friend,

If you run a personality-based business, or want to distinguish your marketing from the rest, you might be getting lost in the noise…

According to a 2015 study by Microsoft, the average internet user’s attention span was 8 seconds.

(A goldfish can focus for 9!)

My point?

Today, internet noise is deafening. You’re fighting tooth & nail to reach your people every second.

(Swear to god, my inbox said 159 this morning… it never stops)

That’s why you not only want to slice through noise like a hot knife through butter

But you also want to forge a steel bond with your customer, and quickly show them how you stand above the desperate masses of competitors in your market.

When you look at the most successful businesses, they aren’t fueled by one-off buyers. They’re rooted in a loyal tribes.

Halbert’s methods contain the core commandments

Of the authentic, trust-building voice your customers

Are dying to hear

That’s why I enrolled myself in Gary’s school of winning copy (where repeated millions were made) so I could help you:

  • Adapt Gary's brilliant "grabbers" to capture quality, focused attention in today’s hyper-saturated online marketplace
  • Identify revenue-draining funnel leaks using a method from Chapter 16 that gets on-the-fence buyers jumping to click "confirm order"
  • Install his 9-figure copywriting formulas into almost ANY piece of marketing you create (video, email, FB ad, more)
  • Fill your marketing with proof-laden, no B.S. believability that sparks instant trust with your readers
  • Apply the Chapter 18 tone-tweak & turn your blatant pitch into “content” that out converts the control

I’m not accepting many new clients right now, but if you are looking for a writer who get’s results — you might be interested in what some of my clients have to say:

People I've Helped:

Logan Harper
Improved Homepage Conversions 16%...

“Currently [link removed] has improved conversion over the original page by over 16%… and I expect the gap to widen when we improve with the new template.”

Email Copy Boosted Sales...

Austin is amazing to work with. Grateful to have him helping our business grow with his stellar copywriting skills. His broadcast and autoresponder emails boosted our sales.

Jeff Salzenstein

Who Am I?

Glad you asked. I’m a former real estate broker turned direct response copywriter.

Just a regular guy from Denver, and a HUGE fan of Gary Halbert.

That means the copy I write for you will be soaked-to-the-bone in timeless, multi-million dollar marketing principles used by the “Prince of Print”.

These days I write mainly emails and sales pages. And yes, they work.


Email me below and we can set up a 20-minute Skype to see if we’re a fit for each other.

Yours in more conversions,

Austin Lee

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